Digital: Current & Past Client

Dog Bark Media, 2021

Logo Designer | Website Designer | Copy Writer

Web Design, HTML, Logo Design, Copy Write

More: Founded in 2020, Dog Bark Media LLC is a Washington, DC based media company working with creatives, communities, and companies. Born from the demand to tell the stories of local heroes, Dog Bark Media continues “shedding light” on compelling narratives, documentaries, and exciting gamification that serves its audience (and clients) not only with great functionality, but with sensitivity to their emotional and social need.

As a startup marketing company, Dog Bark Media wanted a several logos for various products. DBM is Dog Bark Media’s upcoming streaming service launching later this year. Optic Brite Film Fest is their film submission festival seeking out new talent.

As an additional service, I worked with the client to produce copy content for the site; assisting the website’s UX, and optimizing Dog Bark Media’s branding.



Ngoma Center for Dance/DDT, 2012 - Current

Head Designer | CBO/CMO


Web Design, HTML, Logo Design, Copy Write, Social Media Platform Development

More: Ngoma Center for Dance (N-Go-mah) is a 501(c)3 arts organization whose mission is to provide a conduit between multicultural dance artists and their enthusiasts, across generations and social classes, with a deeper understanding of the art of dance through intense community integration, inspirational performance, competitive training, and artist development.

Dissonance Dance Theatre is the resident ballet of Ngoma Center for Dance. Named “One of the 11 small-but-mighty dance companies outside of LA and NYC” by Dance Spirit Magazine, Dissonance Dance Theatre is a Washington, DC-based professional dance company founded in 2007. Since its inception, Dissonance Dance Theatre has performed for local and national audiences on the east coast and in the mid-west states.

Evoking emotional experiences in the audiences we touch, Dissonance’s cutting-edge repertoire features works that are socially and visually appealing to audiences while remaining true to its mission; challenging audience’s assumptions about the human experience through dance.

The Ngoma School is the official school of Dissonance Dance Theatre, DC’s Only African-American managed, and nationally-recognized contemporary ballet. Serving over 200 students annually since 2014, The Ngoma School is emerging as a Washington, DC area dance-school destination for students interested in a professional concert dance career. Currently serving students as young as 7 years old, to young adults who received a late start to their professional dance training.  Dance classes, workshops, masterclasses, and auditions are facilitated at Univ of Maryland College Park.

As a non-profit Ngoma/DDT makes a major impact Greater Baltimore – Washington, DC area as its only Black-managed contemporary ballet company and school. I assisted the organization by providing branding and design that followed its organizational motto “Move. Intelligently.”

Additionally, I developed Ngoma/DDT’s  social media platforms, campaigns, and marketing strategies. Designing countless ads for Ngoma/DDT’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, the organization has more than 15,000 followers across all platforms.

Working through tireless hours of wireframing, conceptual logo drawings, ideation meetings, two websites (a second to assist with job inquiry traffic), and great conversations with community stakeholders (to hear their impactful testimonies that drive design and branding refinement), I work with Ngoma’s artistic, operational, and board of directors to move their mission of dance across the web and social.   


Black Dance Festival, 2019

Head Designer | CBO/CMO

Web Design, HTML, Logo Design, Copy Write, Social Media Platform Development

More: Founded in 2019 as a new programming initiative of Ngoma Center for Dance, Black Dance Festival: DMV brings a platform for African-American directors, choreographers, and dancers to perform, share, and celebrate their work and add to Washington, DC’s creative economy; providing annual dance programming, focused on developing and presenting Black-Managed and Black dance companies.

Black Dance Festival DMV was the first festival in DC produced by Black dance artists across dance genre since the 1980’s. The festival provided excitement around representation, equity, and culture.

As head designer, I quickly designed the logo to include culturally appropriate typeface and complementary color. Moreover, I gathered precious DC Black history facts provided by DC Black dance elders and contemporaries. The data became part of the wireframing process and pertinent to the overall design; furthering the visibility of Washington, DC’s Black dance history.

Additionally, I developed Black Dance Festival DMV’s social media platforms, campaigns, and marketing strategies. Designing countless ads for the festival’s Instagram, and Twitter accounts, the festival gain substantial followers for its inaugural launch.


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